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When Barbara began having medical problems several years ago, no one really understood what was going wrong. “I kept going to the hospital, and they kept sending me back home,” she remembers today.

“My kids were in their 20’s then,” she recalls. “They were very worried about me and thought I might die. They thought I wasn’t taking care of myself like I should.”

Ultimately, Barbara was diagnosed with circulatory gangrene – a blockage that meant blood wasn’t reaching her toes. When she lost both big toes, she went into a nursing home and then to rehabilitation – until her insurance ran out.

When her application for disability was delayed, Barbara came to Faith Mission of Michiana where emergency housing was provided until she could be on her own.

“I came here on a walker, and they took me right in!”

“Faith Mission of Michiana has helped so much…I’ve been able to get to my Medicaid restored and get to doctor’s appointments, and I am in the process of getting my disability approved. They’re going to make sure I get what I need.”

Thanks to your support, she and her daughter will soon be able to move into an apartment or home of their own.

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