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Joy and God have always been a part of Sabrina’s life.

Her grandmother, an “amazing woman” named Victory, made sure that whatever else was happening, God and church and the Bible were there, too. The joy came from her father who played guitar and often had Sabrina sing with him.

“We were poor. My daddy was an alcoholic, but my mom was not a drinker. She’s the one who held us together.”

Her parents divorced and Sabrina quit school at 15, going to work in a factory. She married, had two children who are now in their 20’s, and eventually divorced their abusive father. But through it all, there were drugs and alcohol, and eventually an addiction that led her to be homeless and living in her car.

Sabrina came to Faith Mission of Michiana for the first time in 2017. Clean and sober, she joined our Training Faithful Women program until she met “Mike” and “got off track.” She returned not long ago when the relationship fell apart.

“Your gifts which provide food, shelter and the programs that have helped hundreds of women gain the spiritual strength, skills and confidence they need to succeed.”

Thank you for providing hope and new lives for neighbors like Sabrina!


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