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Tracy grew up surrounded by addiction. “My family were all drug addicts. My father was an alcoholic. My mother was a drug addict. It’s the only thing I ever knew.”

Before she came here five years ago, Tracy tried a rehab program in Michigan, but it wasn’t a good fit.

“I took a bus back here, and from the bus stop, I walked to Faith Mission of Michiana,” she remembers. “We used to come here to eat. I thought, ‘I’ve got to go somewhere, and I’ve got to do it fast, or I’m going to die.’ I walked here, and my whole life changed.”

“Sometimes we just don’t have families that teach you to be a better person,” she says. “And you have to go somewhere else to find that.”

For Tracy, that “somewhere else” was Faith Mission of Michiana.

I’m a firm believer that the only way to cure addiction is God, and this is God’s house. I don’t think there’s any other community that will support you like this place does.

Thanks to the classes, counseling, prayer, and The Stampede is Just Days Away!

“I got baptized. I received Jesus into my heart. Doors just opened up for me. I actually felt different inside.

So now I attend church regularly. I do a lot of work at my church. You can say that you accept God, but you have to put your life into it, and that’s what I try to do.”

She not only has a job, but is also helping out here at the Mission. “I have a car now, so I give people rides and I work in the kitchen and the laundry.”

Tracy has a message for those who volunteer and support the Mission: “You are changing lives! No matter what the people are here, you’re giving them warm blankets, a warm night. You’re never leaving anyone hungry. And if God teaches us anything, it’s to do those things.”

Thank you for making a difference in Tracy’s life through your partnership!
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