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When he was laid off because of Covid cutbacks, Terry not only lost his job, but the apartment he was living in.

“I was living in South Bend, and I went to work one day, and they took me in the office and said, ‘You’re not going to like what we got to offer you, but we have to do this because of the Corona virus.’ They laid us all off, over 550 people. I lost my apartment and everything and became homeless.”

Fortunately, he knew he could get the help he needed to get back on his feet at Faith Mission of Michiana!

“I called the Mission and they said, ‘Yes, we’ve got a bed for you. Come on up. We’ll help you out.’”

Terry had lost both parents to cancer when he was young. Perhaps that is what paved the way for the addiction to alcohol that brought him to the Mission the first time more than ten years ago. He’s been working hard since then.

Today, Terry is “scot-free from drugs and alcohol and all that.” “I just wanted to make sure I was on the right path,” he says. “The Mission has meetings and Celebrate Recovery and Bible teaching, all of which is good. It keeps your mind focused.” Thanks to faithful donors and volunteers, our doors are open 365 days a year to homeless men, women and children. Once each person’s basic needs are met, we go to work restoring lives through our long-term residential and life skill programs.

Terry spent 14 days in our low- barrier shelter to make sure he did not have Covid. For the next five weeks, he worked around the Mission and attended programs. Then, he found work at a bakery that enabled him to save up to get a place of his own!

“They’re good people here. They will help you. I’m just glad they offered me to come in and have a place to lay my head down. This place will try to get you on your feet if you want it. Thank God there is a place like this.”rry spent 14 days in our low- barrier shelter to make sure he did not have Covid. For teet.

Thank you for making a difference in Terry’s life through your generous partnership!


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