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Karen has faced many struggles in her life – the deaths of her mother and her husband, some severe health issues and downsizing that resulted in the loss of her last job.

Before coming to the Mission for shelter, she relied on the community meals here – and help from friends – just to have enough food to eat.

“I would pray, ‘Please, Lord, let me have enough money so I can get some eggs at the store or so I can get an $0.88 loaf of bread. And please let my friend call today and say ‘Hey, would you like to go to the Mission for lunch?’ so I can know I’m going to have at least one meal today.’”

“The meals at the Mission became a major lifeline for me,” she remembers. “That was the difference between me not eating for a couple days and me being able to eat every day.”

Once her savings ran out, she lost her room in the week-to-week hotel where she had been living for three years. With just 24 hours to move all her belongings, she called Faith Mission of Michiana and found a place to stay. Within a week, she had joined our Training Faithful Women program.

“If it weren’t for all of my friends here, and my strength and faith, I wouldn’t be able to get up every day!”

Now that she’s graduated, Karen is part of the Faith Mission of Michiana family, helping others who come to the Mission. “I really enjoy talking with people and getting to know their stories,” she says.

Growing up in a Christian home, Karen dedicated her life to serving God at 13. Today, in addition to her work at the Mission, her goal is to go back to school and get a degree in Biblical Studies, then work on the staff at a local church where she now does story time for children.

Thanks to your support, Karen has not only deepened her relationship with God but gained the opportunity to be self-reliant.

“I had very little when I came to the Mission,” Karen says. “But even if I were to leave today, I would leave with some of the most amazing friends and some of the most amazing support I’ve ever received in my life!”

Thank you for making a difference in Karen’s life through your generous partnership!

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