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Gerry grew up in Nappanee, was happily married, and always had steady employment. But three strokes not only left him partially paralyzed and suffering from vascular dementia but also without a home and divorced.

The first stroke was the worst, leaving Gerry with almost no movement on his left side. “I had to re-learn how to talk and walk,” he remembers.

“I had to go through a lot of rehab. Because of the stroke, I couldn’t do stuff like I used to, and I bounced around from job to job.”

No longer able to hold steady employment, Gerry eventually had to sell his home. That left him with nowhere to go when he was released from the hospital last October following this third stroke.

But thanks to friends like you, the Mission’s Tiny Shelters inside the David L. Miller Memorial Village were available to Gerry.

Designed specifically for individuals like Gerry who need emergency shelter but cannot function in a normal shelter environment, the Tiny Shelters were the ideal place for Gerry to stay until he could find permanent housing.

Thanks to the support he received at the Mission, Gerry is now permanently housed in a retirement home in Roxbury.

And to our partners like you who provide the food, clothing, shelter and care, Gerry says, “They do a lot of good, helping people out!”

Thank you for helping Gerry and others like him through your prayers and support!

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