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When he was in his early teens, Guy was introduced to drugs. “My dad was into drugs really bad,” he says. “I used to see him do drugs all the time, and that’s how I got introduced. Every once in a while, he would smoke with me a little bit. He was a hard man to be around. I was terrified of him.”

As he grew older, Guy was incarcerated several times as his addictions worsened.

“I was into drugs majorly then. I was drinking. A guy pulled a knife on me, and I didn’t take kindly to that. So, I defended myself, and they tried to charge me with attempted murder. That was the first time. I ended up getting two more charges on top of that one.”

After a toxic marriage, Guy’s health began to fail, and he had to make a decision. “If I wanted a better life with the Lord and all, I needed to get away from the people I was around. I spent almost everything I had to move away.”

Guy moved to North Carolina to be with family, but his health continued to deteriorate. He suffered from Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic lung disease among other issues. Unable to work, Guy returned to Elkhart and came directly to Faith Mission.

“Faith Mission has been supporting me in more ways than I can count.”

“I had heart surgery last year and they stood beside me,” he says. I do appreciate the Mission for what they’re doing for me. They didn’t have to let me stay here, but they chose to.”

During his time here, your support has made it possible for Guy’s faith to grow.

“My faith has skyrocketed.He’s really been standing by me through all of this. I have everything I need now because the Lord put me here.”

“I do a lot of Bible studies through the TFM (Training Faithful Men) program. There’s a little area back there they call my desk because I’ve got it all decked out with my Bibles, concordance, you name it, all sitting right there. That’s where I sit all day until evening. 90 percent of my time is reading God’s word.”

“Faith Mission has helped me better understand a lot of things the Lord was trying to say through his word.”

To friends like you who have helped provide Guy with a stable place to recover, he says: “They have my gratitude, my thanks. If I had the chance to meet any of them, I would be the first to go over and shake their hand and say, ‘Thank you.’

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