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Dealing with responsibilities beyond her years, pain from two back surgeries before she was 18, and periods of addiction to pain killers, Cassandra grew up thinking “there was something wrong with me.”

She went from caring for a step-brother and sister to having her own child at 19. Then, to keep from losing custody of her children, Cassandra entered a drug rehab program. “That was the first time I ever got clean in my whole entire life,” she says today. Knowing that she needed more than eight weeks to change her lifetime habits, Cassandra entered a two-year program in South Bend.

While in the program, Cassandra not only beat her addiction, but got her high school diploma, her own car and eventually, her own apartment, “all without government assistance.”

She went on to work as a recovery coach at Oaklawn here in Elkhart, and that’s where she learned about Faith Mission of Michiana. Now, clean and sober for eight years, Cassandra is using her experiences to help others.

“I did intake with a gentleman who was just blown away by the fact that the things he is struggling with are the same things I struggled with!”

“I just want to see everyone win. This is in my heart; it is Jesus’ heart. I just want to love these people with no boundaries. I just want people to see what I see in them. I want them to see the reflection of what I see.”

“God will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” Hebrews 6:10