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Vonzette grew up in Texas and was in a 15-year abusive relationship with a man who had introduced her to drugs.

“I was going downhill in Texas. I was drinking, I was doing crack cocaine and I had started playing around with meth, and that’s something I never would have done before,” she said.

Then one day, she finally gathered up her courage and left town on the next available bus.

“I just had to get out. I knew a better life once upon a time, and I wanted it back. So the best way I knew, I took my purse and what money I had, and it brought me here.”

Vonzette was 16 when she turned her life over to Christ, but she backslid “several times.’ Now, in the Mission’s long-term program for women, this time she’s determined to succeed.

“Faith Mission of Michiana is giving me a home. It’s been a stepping stone.”

Working on recovery at the Mission is no easy task. But Vonzette believes “in following Jesus Christ even through the bad and the ugly.” “If I give Him praise, He’ll lift me up. I’m just grateful to be alive another day.”

“God has me,” she says. “Every morning, every day, I get up before everybody and get in his Spirit. I feel blessed and encouraged that I’m here.”

Now that she’s in recovery, Vonzette has reconnected with her son and grandchildren. “I have a life today,” she says.

“And it’s all because of this place and the people who support the Mission. I thank them very much. We know that someone cares, and I appreciate all the help that they give.”

Thank you for helping Vonzette and others like her through your prayers and support!


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