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Curt got started down the wrong path early in life.

His mother was an alcoholic and drug addict who shared her addictions with her son. “In high school, I was smoking pot with my Mom and drinking with her every night,” Curt remembers.

“Then, I tore my knee and discovered painkillers, and I liked them much better than drinking.”
But Curt discovered that the consequences of pills were more severe than those of alcohol – especially the legal consequences.

“The opioid epidemic made it harder to get pills, which was good,” Curt says. “So, I just went back to alcohol because alcohol was my thing when I was younger.”

He was driving a delivery truck when he got a DUI that cost him his job. “It was then that the drinking became a really big problem,” he remembers.

Coming close to being “kicked out” of the place he was staying because he ran out of money, Curt came to Faith Mission of Michiana. “I knew this place was here. It was a good option. I knew it was a much better place to be.”

When he got caught drinking at the Mission, Curt had to make a choice: Get serious about getting his life together by going to detox or leave.

“If my hand hadn’t been forced, I probably wouldn’t have done it,” Curt says today. “I’m grateful for that.”

Thanks to that decision – along with a job training program at Goodwill and the support provided by friends like you – Curt got back on the right path!

Today Curt lives in our longer-term housing. He believes one of the most important things the Mission does for people is to begin by taking care of their physical needs.

You can’t focus on anything else if you’re worried about where you’re going to sleep or what you’re going to eat. If you’re worried about your safety and security, you can’t move on to the next level.”

Thank you for helping Curt and others like him through your prayers and support!
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